About us

Our corporate culture regulates the interaction with each other and defines our values

  1. The dignity of a human is inviolable. All people are equal regardless of their origin, appearance or gender. We do not accept any discrimination, oppression or mobbying.
  2. We work together in a respectful, open and friendly teamwork. All team members communicate at eye level and help each other as best as possible.
  3. We recognize open and solution-oriented communication when detecting errors. Not the responsibility for mistakes but the responsibility for removing them is of interest.
  4. MSC is a member of UNO Global Compact. We do not accept any violations of the standards defined there.
  5. The aim of our work is satisfaction of employees and customers, sustainability and environmental protection.

Birkenweg  5               
Hallein, 5400


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Tel (VoIP): +49 911 148709-100
Fax:           +49 911 148709-109



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